Comix Ireland is multimedia production site dedicated to researching and promoting comic book and geek culture in Ireland. Featuring spotlights, photography and interviews from creators and events around the country, Comix Ireland aims to demystify the whole world of comic books for native creators and fans alike.

Drawing upon the production of CO/MIX and subsequent research, Comix Ireland will develop a unique set of materials aimed at making information about the comic book industry and community in Ireland more accessible and enjoyable. Managed by the Producer of CO/MIX and assistant organiser to the Geek-Mart, Paul Carroll.


During the production of CO/MIX, the question repeatedly arose in casual conversations: “Does Ireland have a comic book culture?”*

While CO/MIX sought to address that question through example, Comix Ireland will expand upon the documentary’s work to fully demonstrate the extent of the life and work of the comic book community in Ireland.

(*The answer, of course, is yes. With a bit of luck and a lot of work, no will be asking that question again.)

About Paul Carroll


Paul Carroll is a writer and multimedia producer from Dublin. He is a qualified teacher, a former bookseller, a documentary producer, a vlogger, blogger, and uncle.

He has been writing more than half his life, telling tales of strange lands, weird people, and the mysteries of magic both real and imaginary. He has an obsession for folklore and comic books, and a track record of weekly cinema attendance since 2007.

He enjoys photography and watching horror movies alone in the dark.

He can be found online at paulcarrollwriter.com.

About CO/MIX


CO/MIX is a web documentary created as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in Dublin City University, by a group consisting of: Matthew Ashe (Director), Paul Carroll (Producer), Darragh O’Riordan (Web Developer), and CiarĂ¡n Byrne (Composer & Designer). Exploring four key concepts – Community, Connection, Commerce and Convergence – through interviews with some of Ireland’s leading figures in the community (including Will Sliney, Anthea West, Widdle Wade & Cyanide Kisses, and Paddy Lynch) and footage from events around the country of various sizes.

In 2016, it was re-launched as a web series for increased ease of access to the public. Moving from its original website, the series is made more readily available to users of all devices.