Comix Ireland is a news and resources site dedicated to the promotion and support of the Irish comic community. Founded in 2016, Comix Ireland focuses on news, interviews and resources.

Why does this site exist?

During the production of CO/MIX, the question repeatedly arose in casual conversations: “Does Ireland have a comic book culture?”*

While CO/MIX sought to address that question through example, Comix Ireland will expand upon the documentary’s work to fully demonstrate the extent of the life and work of the comic book community in Ireland.

(*The answer, of course, is yes. With a bit of luck and a lot of work, no will be asking that question again.)

About the editor

Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin.

His work primarily focuses on the extraordinary, be that through magic, science or just downright chaotic.

He is a founding member of both Limit Break Comics and Cupán Fae, Dublin-based creative groups.

His obsessions include tea, foxes and spreadsheets.

He can be found online at paulcarrollwriter.com.

Other Irish Sites for Comics

IrishComics.ie is a webcomic platform established by Paul Carroll, Aaron Fever, Clare Foley and Hugh Madden. New comic pages are published every weekday.

Irish Comic News is run by David Ferguson and Stephen Ward.

Irish Comic News includes reviews of books by Irish comic creators, interviews with creators, and news about Irish comics.

Geek Ireland is one of Ireland’s longest running sites dedicated to geek culture, including comics. The site are involved in running panels at Dublin Comic Con.

The Arcade is primarily a gaming site, though its geek culture content covers comics.

The site used to run ArcadeCon, until its final event in 2015.

A Sample of Comic Events

Ireland has a lot of conventions. A lot. Many of them are geared towards Anime and/or gaming. The site founders can usually be found at at least one of the following events during the year (at least in the before times!)

The Dublin Comic Arts Festival (DCAF for short) is a quarterly event that takes the atmosphere of the Artist Alley and brings it into the city for a quarterly affair. Since March 2020, DCAF has run an artist relief fund, supported by its patrons on Patreon.

Dublin Comic Con is Ireland’s largest comic convention, with a large Artist Alley to support comic creators in the country.

Historically, Programme items have been specifically geared towards the creation and dissemination of comics from a small press level.

Octocon is Ireland’s National Science Fiction Convention, with whole sections of the programming targeted at comics and creators. It’s one of the longest running conventions in the country, taking place annually since 1990.

Among the Guests of Honour for 2022 is Michael Carroll, best known in comics for his work with 2000AD.

While not an Irish event, Thought Bubble in the UK is one of the leading comic events this side of the Atlantic, and receives an Irish invasion of creators every year.

About CO/MIX


CO/MIX is a web documentary created as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in Dublin City University, by a group consisting of: Matthew Ashe (Director), Paul Carroll (Producer), Darragh O’Riordan (Web Developer), and Ciarán Byrne (Composer & Designer). Exploring four key concepts – Community, Connection, Commerce and Convergence – through interviews with some of Ireland’s leading figures in the community (including Will Sliney, Anthea West, Widdle Wade & Cyanide Kisses, and Paddy Lynch) and footage from events around the country of various sizes.

In 2016, it was re-launched as a web series for increased ease of access to the public. Moving from its original website, the series is made more readily available to users of all devices.