Making comics is a tricky business. This collection of resources is designed to help make the journey easier. Check out the resource articles for other advice.


Each spreadsheet is designed for a specific purpose in mind, and can be combined easily depending on your needs. Each are available on a pay-what-you-want basis, starting at free. Earnings from the spreadsheets go towards the operating costs of this website.

Kickstarter Calculator
Designed to help set your target based on tier values and estimated backers, against expenses.
Download here.

Convention Finance Worbook
Designed to plan your costs and provide a calculated profit from events.
Download here.

Product Pricing Calculator
A simple tool designed to help you set your prices for printed products.
Download here.

Comic Finances Workbook
Designed to help comic creators plan the finances of their projects.
Download here.

Invoice Log for Freelancers
A simple tool to track invoices due for payment.
Download here.

Rate Calculator for Freelancers
A tool designed to help freelancers and comic creators set their rates for projects.
Download here.

Save the Cat! Beat Sheet
Based on Save the Cat!, this spreadsheet helps with plotting across beats.
Download here.

Submissions Tracker
A tool designed to track where stories, pitches, essays and other items have been submitted.
Download here.

Inventory Tracker
Designed to help creators track their inventory at events.
Download here.