Review: Thimble #1

In 2015, Buttonpress Publications released their third title, to publish alongside Wren and Artos. The new book, written by letterer Phil Roe’s wife, was Thimble.

Where Wren is a superhero book, Thimble is a fantasy. She’s still a hero, and looks very much the part in the first issue cover, but her story focuses much less on the Irish heroes in Dubh Linn. Instead, it focuses on local folklore, and a small protagonist’s big dreams. Cursed to be minuscule, Thimble is a charming girl who wants to explore the world around her, with the aid of some magic keeping at her to regular proportions for the sake of a normal life.

This is a remarkable debut from a new writer at Buttonpress, Sarah Roe, which really shows off the potential of the books that the company can produce. Charming, with incredibly inviting, Roe’s story will draw readers in and leave them wanting more.

The book’s artist, Jason Browne, has shown in this latest title his ability to capture the life of a modern day rural Ireland. Thimble shows us how far his artwork has come since the first Wren comic. Colour is the man’s best friend, giving his style more life and vibrancy.

Thimble is a powerful, story-driven tale, so enjoyable and enthralling that readers young and old (hey, it is an all-ages comic) will have no difficulty with the book, except that it has to eventually end.

You can catch Thimble #1, as well as WrenArtos, and Buttonpress Publications’ newest book, Stoat, at Dublin Comic Con this weekend. In the meantime, Thimble fans will need to wait for Browne and co. to finish with the next issue. At least they’ve got plenty more to keep us interested.

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