CO/MIX: Understanding Comic Book Culture in Ireland


Taking a look at comic book culture in Ireland, CO/MIX is a web-documentary – soon to be web-series – produced by the production group at as part of DCU’s M.Sc. in Multimedia.

The series, which launches on June 1st, explores four core concepts: Convergence, Connection, Community, and Commerce. Through interviews with some of Ireland’s leading figures in the community and industry, and attendance at over half a dozen events covering the spectrum of what’s on offer in Ireland, CO/MIX provides a glance into the world of comic books from the point of view of four relative strangers to the community.

Interviewees include Will Sliney (Marvel), Anthea West (Dustbunny Studios), Emma Byrne (O’Brien Press), Eoin McAuley (Lightning Strike Comics) Stephen Lynch & Tina Branigan (Widdle Wade and Cyanide Kisses) and Paddy Lynch (Cardboard Press).

Directed by Matthew Ashe, and Produced by Paul Carroll, with Web Developer and Marketing Manager Darragh O’Riordan, and Designer and Composer Ciarán Byrne, CO/MIX is a launch pad for understanding the community and industry in Ireland, from the publishing, convention, artistry and fandom perspectives.

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