New Releases at Dublin Comic Con

In less than two weeks, the doors to the Convention Centre in Dublin will open for Dublin Comic Con. Now in its fourth year, DCC has become the go-to event for guests, activities and new releases in the Irish comic book scene. This year is no exception, with a long list of guests from across pop culture and the comic book scene. By my count and a quick search on Twitter and Facebook, we’re looking at (at least) sixteen releases in August. (Or, if you quantify in Internet terms, ALL THE MONEY!)

New from Lightning Strike Comic Books

The forerunners in the ‘Release Everything at DCC’ trend are Lightning Strike Comic Books, run by local boy Eoin McAuley. Confirmed releases include:

  • Fanastical Sombrero (LS’s first children’s title)
  • The Phantom 80th Anniversary comic
  • A Clockwork Universe
  • Double Dead (available in print for the first time)
  • Speakeasy
  • A preview of None Shall Pass

You can also find their anthology comics on their table.


New from Buttonpress Publications

Buttonpress, publishers of several all-ages Irish superhero comics, are proud to announce their fourth title for Dublin Comic Con: Stoat. They’ll also have their other titles – Wren, Artos, and Thimble.


New from Anthea West

Anthea, writer and artist behind Fate and The Earthbound God, is bringing a new type of comic to Dublin Comic Con: a horror anthology.

Sleep Tight adds to Anthea’s collection of amazing titles, and isn’t one to be missed.

Sleep Tight

New from Paul Bolger

Paul Bolger, celebrated creator of Hound, is bringing with him two new books to DCC.

  • Hound 2: Defender
  • Inktober 2015 Sketchbook

Fans of Hound – a retelling of the story of Cú Chulainn – and Paul’s art will be happy with these announcements. Keep in mind, Hound books are published in hardback, and so will cost more than the other new releases. Book 1 sells for €25. Keep that in mind when drawing up your budget for the weekend.

Hound Book 2

New from NP Press

Cork-based publisher, NP Press, are releasing The Guards at Dublin Comic Con. A paranormal detective story from a new press, it’s not one to be missed.

The Guards

New from Cremona Publishing

Creators of the Celtic Knights, Cremona Publishing are bringing their latest title, Junker the Stinky Knight, to DCC. You can check it out along with more of their books at their table.


New from Flare

Flare, a book series by Paddy Lennon, is getting a one-shot comic at Dublin Comic Con. The novels will, presumably, also be available from Lennon over the weekend.


“3” and New Artbooks

Without any images to work with, you’ll have to settle for my unbridled excitement for new releases when it comes to these new books.

  • 3, a new comic from Dave Hendrick (writer of Granuaile Queen of Storms from O’Brien Press)
  • Scratched Metal, a new artbook from Art of Helixel
  • A new artbook from Tríona ‘Tree’ Farrell

I wish I could show some of what you’re in store for from these three, but unfortunately Hendricks has only released one image from within the book, and cover-images haven’t been released by Helixel or Tree. Artbooks are a nice piece to pick up at any convention, providing a good chance to explore an artist’s work outside of a story (particularly if you like someone’s art but aren’t sure of the story that the book’s writer has come up with.)

Anything else?

I don’t expect to have found every new release for DCC. Nor is this list a complete collection of everything you can find at Dublin Comic Con in August. If you’re releasing something, or know of something new coming to DCC, let us know! We’ll update this listing and post about it on Facebook and Twitter.

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