Web Series

Convergence | CO/MIX Episode 1

With the rise of Internet culture and the volume of comic book adaptations hitting the big screen, the effects on comic book culture are an eventuality. With social media and new technologies allowing content to spread more widely, artists and fans experience comic book culture in new ways, positive and negative.

Paddy Lynch / Cardboard Press
Paddy is an illustrator and sequential artist based in Dublin. He hosts the Dublin Comic Jam, and co¬founded the Comic Labs. He illustrated ‘Big Jim’ (The O’Brien Press) and is co-¬owner of The Cardboard Press.

Stephen Lynch & Tina Branigan
Stephen, AKA Widdle Wade, is a voice¬-actor by trade, as well as costume and prop¬-maker. A regular to the convention scene in Ireland, he is also a member of the Emerald Garrison. Tina, AKA Cyanide Kisses, is an alternative model and cosplayer, and coordinator of volunteers at Dublin Comic Con.

Anthea West
Anthea is a sequential artist and cartoonist from Dublin. Her debut graphic novel, ‘The Earthbound God’, was published in 2013. She is currently producing ‘Fate’.

Emma Byrne / O’Brien Press
Emma is a graphic designer and illustrator working within The O’Brien Press as Design Manager and Art Director. She designs the covers for the company’s books, and works with the writers and artists of the company’s graphic novels.

Will Sliney
Will Sliney is a Cork based artist currently working on Marvel Comics’ ‘Spider¬Man 2099’ with Peter David. He has previously worked on ‘Fearless Defenders’ (Marvel) and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ (Egmont/Titan). He published his debut graphic novel, ‘Celtic Warrior’, with The O’Brien Press in 2013.

Eoin McAuley / Lightning Strike
Eoin is the owner and publisher of Lightning Strike Comic Books, one of Ireland’s leading independent publishers. Based in Dublin, they produce an anthology comic book, ‘Lightning Strike Presents’, among a growing range of titles, including ‘Afterworld’ and ‘The Life and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ (with Dublin Comic Con).

CO/MIX was produced as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in DCU, 2014-2015, by Matthew Ashe, Paul Carroll, Darragh O’Riordan, and Ciarán Byrne.

Matt: Matt is a Fine Art graduate from IADT, experienced in video exhibitions, visual effects and 3D animation. He worked as Director of CO/MIX. He runs The VR Agency as its lead producer and editor.

Paul: Paul is an English graduate from Mater Dei, and a freelance writer and multimedia producer. He worked as Producer of CO/MIX. He runs Comix Ireland, and assists in the organisation of the Geek-Mart.

Darragh: Darragh is a Marketing graduate from DIT, and worked as web developer in Javascript on the CO/MIX project.

Ciarán: Ciarán is an experienced graphic designer and sound designer. He led the sound engineering and graphic elements of CO/MIX.