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Connection | CO/MIX Episode 2

Comic book relationships are a thing of wonder, especially in the increasingly complicated universe produced by Marvel Comics and DC, but just how much do these romantic notions compare with the reality of the readers’ lives? A look into the lives of three couples on the convention scene reveals how deep a connection can be made, and how much that connection plays a toll on the lives of those involved.

Stephen Lynch & Tina Branigan

Stephen, AKA Widdle Wade, is a voice­-actor by trade, as well as costume and prop­-maker. A regular to the convention scene in Ireland, he is also a member of the Emerald Garrison. Tina, AKA Cyanide Kisses, is an alternative model and cosplayer, and coordinator of volunteers at Dublin Comic Con.




Ryan Wade & Danielle Smyth

Ryan and Danielle met as Belfast Batman and Carrick Batman, with multiple cosplays to their names. The couple work the streets of Belfast as real-­life superheroes, helping the poor and the homeless. Cosplay led to their engagement.




Paul Raven & Louise Higgins

Paul and ­Louise are a cosplay couple, attending conventions as the Joker and Harley, and as Daredevil and Elektra.


CO/MIX was produced as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in DCU, 2014-2015, by Matthew Ashe, Paul Carroll, Darragh O’Riordan, and Ciarán Byrne.

Matt: Matt is a Fine Art graduate from IADT, experienced in video exhibitions, visual effects and 3D animation. He worked as Director of CO/MIX. He runs The VR Agency as its lead producer and editor.



Paul: Paul is an English graduate from Mater Dei, and a freelance writer and multimedia producer. He worked as Producer of CO/MIX. He runs Comix Ireland, and assists in the organisation of the Geek-Mart.




Darragh: Darragh is a Marketing graduate from DIT, and worked as web developer in Javascript on the CO/MIX project.


Ciarán: Ciarán is an experienced graphic designer and sound designer. He led the sound engineering and graphic elements of CO/MIX.



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