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Community | CO/MIX Episode 3

From the outside, the comic book community looks like one big, happy family. A closer look reveals the relationships between the various sub­-communities in Ireland, the nature of the people involved in bringing together the comic book community as a whole, and explores the notion of just how different the Irish comic book scene is to its American counterparts. From drink­-and-­draws at a local pub, to large­scale conventions across the country, to a small port village in Cork, the community in Ireland is spread far and wide.

Paddy Lynch / Cardboard Press / Dublin Comic Jam / Stray Lines

Paddy is an illustrator and sequential artist based in Dublin. He hosts the Dublin Comic Jam, and co­founded the Comic Labs. He illustrated ‘Big Jim’ (The O’Brien Press) and is co-­owner of The Cardboard Press.


Anthea West

Anthea is a sequential artist and cartoonist from Dublin. Her debut graphic novel, ‘The Earthbound God’, was published in 2013. She is currently producing ‘Fate’.


Triona ‘Tree’ Farrell

Tree is a sequential artist and freelance illustrator from Dublin. She is a former member of the Superhero Help Desk, and has produced two comic books; ‘Swords & Sisters’, and ‘Azure Capricorn’.


Stephen Lynch & Tina Branigan

Stephen, AKA Widdle Wade, is a voice­-actor by trade, as well as costume and prop­-maker. A regular to the convention scene in Ireland, he is also a member of the Emerald Garrison. Tina, AKA Cyanide Kisses, is an alternative model and cosplayer, and coordinator of volunteers at Dublin Comic Con.



Will Sliney

Will Sliney is a Cork based artist currently working on Marvel Comics’ ‘Spider­Man 2099’ with Peter David. He has previously worked on ‘Fearless Defenders’ (Marvel) and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ (Egmont/Titan). He published his debut graphic novel, ‘Celtic Warrior’, with The O’Brien Press in 2013.



CO/MIX was produced as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in DCU, 2014-2015, by Matthew Ashe, Paul Carroll, Darragh O’Riordan, and Ciarán Byrne.

Matt: Matt is a Fine Art graduate from IADT, experienced in video exhibitions, visual effects and 3D animation. He worked as Director of CO/MIX. He runs The VR Agency as its lead producer and editor.



Paul: Paul is an English graduate from Mater Dei, and a freelance writer and multimedia producer. He worked as Producer of CO/MIX. He runs Comix Ireland, and assists in the organisation of the Geek-Mart.




Darragh: Darragh is a Marketing graduate from DIT, and worked as web developer in Javascript on the CO/MIX project.


Ciarán: Ciarán is an experienced graphic designer and sound designer. He led the sound engineering and graphic elements of CO/MIX.



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